Addi Unicorn Circular knitting needle 100cm

Addi Unicorn Circular knitting needle 100cm

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Addi's Unicorn circular knitting needles, known for their massage-like wavy tips and flexible cords, meet German quality standards and are perfect for crafting socks and beanies in various sizes and lengths.

: Addi
Dydis : 2.00mm


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Introducing the latest addition to Addi's circular needle collection – the Unicorn circular knitting needles. These circular needles feature two lightweight tips designed with a gentle wavy pattern, providing a soothing massage to your hands as you knit, ensuring comfort and enjoyable hours of knitting. The tips have a glossy, iridescent surface that seamlessly transitions into a flexible pink cord, allowing your yarn to effortlessly glide as you work on your project. Crafted with precision in Germany, these circular needles adhere to Addi's stringent quality standards. They are perfect for crafting socks, gloves, beanies, and a wide range of projects.

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